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Romană 6, District 1, Bucharest

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March 18th : 09am – 6pm

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ”Perspectives of Business law an international conference”?

Yes, The Conference shall address several big topics in the European area: Company Law, Single Market, Competition Law, European Contract Law, Tax Law, Banking Law, Labor Law, Consumer Law and Criminal Law and it will have an international participation

How do I register for this conference?

You can register on the website at Registration or you can address the organising team by sending an email

If I cannot be present, can I participate online?

Yest, it is a hybrid conference with many participants enetering from other places. After registration, you will receive the link of the plenary and working sessions

Which are the pubblication opportunities?

All the papers that will be presented at the conference must be in English and will be published in the conference’s proceedings and the parters’ journals like:  Juridical Tribune, Revista „Dreptul” – „Law” Review, Romanian Business Law ReviewFiscal Courier and the Conference Proceedings volume published by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies Press

Can I present a paper without submitting for publication?

Yest, there can be presented a paper without being necessary to submit it for publication. 

Is there any participation fee ?

No, the participation at this conference is free of charge, being necesary only to register.

Moreover, it will be freely streamed online.