International conference

Perspectives of European Business Law 1st Edition

2022 Bucharest

Organizing Committee

Associate Prof. PhD. Ovidiu Ioan Dumitru

Lecturer PhD. Roxana Chirieac

Lecturer PhD. Andreea Stoican

Asistant Prof. PhD. Andreea Stănciulescu

Scintific Committee

Prof. PhD. Brândușa Ștefănescu

Prof. PhD. Radu Bufan

Prof. PhD. Raluca Dimitriu

Prof. PhD. Giovanni Iudica

Prof. PhD. Patrick Sensburg


Romanian Society of Business Law

Aula Magna - Bucharest University of Economic Studies

June 15-17, 2023


Explore the milestones that have shaped our growth and success in the realm of European Business Law.

Opening Session

09:00 to 9:45 AM  -Registration and welcome

10:00 to10:15 – Prof. PhD. Nicolae Istudor – Rector, Bucharest University of Economic Studies

10:15 to 10:30 – Associate Prof. PhD. Ovidiu Ioan Dumitru – Dean of Faculty of Law, Bucharest University of Economic Studies

10:30 to 10:45 Keynote Speaker – Professor Phd. Smaranda Angheni

10:45 to 11:00 Keynote Speaker – Professor Phd. Brândușa Ștefănescu

11:00 to 11:15 Keynote Speaker – Professor Phd. Raluca Dimitriu

11:15 to 11:30 – Keynote Speaker – Professor Phd. Bogdan Ciuca

11:30 to 11:45 – Keynote Speaker – Mr. Ianfred Silberstein

11:45 to 12:00 Keynote Speaker – Mr. Horia Constantinescu

Working Sessions

Part II Moderator – Ovidiu Ioan Dumitru 12:00 to 13:00 Lunch break

13:00 to 13:15 Keynote speaker – Professor PhD. Jacques Malherbe – Abuse of Tax Law: one Bridge too far?

13:15 to 13:30 – Visiting Prof. PhD. Ionița Cochințu – Adopting Budget Laws – Considerations between Theory and Practice

13:30 to 13:45 – Lecturer PhD. Juanita Goicovici – Collecting Consumers’ consent to Collective redress Actions, under EU Consumer Law: opting-in vs. opting-out Consent and hybrid consenting Mechanisms

13:45 to 14:00 Professor PhD. Silvia Cristea – The Patrimony of Affectation. A limit of the Liability of the Owner of the Individual Enterprise

14:00 to 14:15 – Visiting Prof. PhD. Viorel Bănulescu -Considerations about making the Expert report in Case of merger of Companies. Accounting and Legal Issues. Aspects of Comparative Law

14:15 to 14:30 – Lecturer PhD. Roxana Chirieac – Different Regulations for Limited Liability Companies in the EU

14:30 to 14:45 Keynote speaker Professor PhD. Patrick Sensburg

14:45 to 15:00 – Visiting Prof. PhD. Oana Gherghina – EU Single Market braces for Impact of Ukraine War with Russia

15:00 to 15:15 Keynote speakers PhD. Dimitris Tsibanoulis, Mr. Konstantinos Antonakis and Mr. Michalis Plataniotis – Capital Markets Union and Alternative Finance Providers: Is a European Legal Framework for Loan Originating Funds needed?

15:15 to 15:30 Lawyer Simina Cîrstescu – Competition and the Antitrust Laws

15:30 to

Lecturer PhD. Ovidiu Maican -The Legal Regime of Competition in Slovenia

15:45 to

Lecturer PhD. Simona Guțiu, A practical Approach to the Consumer’s Right of
16:00 to

Mr. Gabriel Ungureanu, Executive Director, Wolters Kluwer România
AI – The New Way of Legal Research

16:15 to

Coffee Break

16:30 to

Associate Prof. PhD. Cristina Florescu – Arbitration Innovations in the Post Covid
Digital Era – a new ICC Report on the use of Technology in Arbitration

16:45 to

Associate Prof. PhD. Gabriel Ispas – The Rule of Law and Access to European
Union Funds

17:00 to

PhD. Candidate Mihaela Pop, PhD. Cristian Ducu, PhD. Candidate Mihai Popa –
Whistleblowing in Romanian Public and Private Sector. A Regulatory Failure

17:15 to

Visiting Prof. and PhD. student Andrada Tarmigan – The European Framework
for Construction ADR

17:30 to

PhD. Candidate, Lawyer Isabela Porcius – E-Commerce in Europe: Current status
and Cyber Security Recommendations

17:45 to

PhD. Valentin Bădescu – Right today – between old Issues and New Challenges or
about Justice in a Digital World

18:00 to

PhD. Nicolae Pană – Measuring Legal Risk and Consumer Protection in the Digital
18:15 to

Lecturer PhD. Andreea Stoican – The EU – Africa International Partnership. A
Strategy for Development

18:30 to

PhD. Candidate, Lawyer George Ionița – Current Perspectives On European
Enforcement Titles

18:45 to

Professor PhD. Irina Zlătescu, Assistant Professor PhD. Claudia Elena Marinică
– The challenging relationship between business and human rights and the
consequences of judicial practice

19:00 to

Assistant Professor PhD. Andreea Stănciulescu, Lecturer PhD. Dragoș Mănescu
– Ultra vires doctrine: a Dilemma between Loyalty vs. Sovereignty. A Discussion
about the Weiss Case


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